Educational Programme

Practicing dentistry is dynamic, regardless of your specialty. Educational Programmes are designed to acquaint you with the current trends and clinical issues in health care.This will enhance your patient care, support your professional goals and improve your knowledge of the latest developments in areas such as research and practice improvement. IDA promotes the art and science of dentistry for the betterment of public oral health.

We invite your participation in IDA's Educational Programmes!


To focus on scientific and technological skills improvement of dental professionals by the means of various continuing educational programmes in diverse formats with uniqueness for betterment of the community.


Provide educational activities for dentist in order to improve the quality of oral healthcare delivered by participants. Our mission is:

  • Reinforce basic dental knowledge
  • Impart updated information on clinical practice and healthcare delivery
  • Introduce new ideas, skills and technology
  • Disseminate pertinent research findings

R Ahmed Programme

R Ahmed Educational Programmes are designed to share the latest in dental knowledge and to teach new skills, both technical and patient-relationship while further developing existing skills. Under the nomenclature of R Ahmed Educational Programmes IDA offers numerous courses for dental professionals.

  • Continuing Dental EducationOpen or Close

    CE Continuing Dental Education (CDE) programmes offer ongoing education which is intrinsic to deliver high quality dental and oral health care services. The primary objective is not just to update the clinical knowledge of dental graduates and practitioners, but also to exercise the degree of care and improve treatment methods that will be beneficial to the citizens of India.

  • Table ClinicOpen or Close

    A table clinic is a brief table top oral presentation using the audio-video media, display boards and even through oral communication to present useful and timely research-based information in an interesting way.

  • International CDE ProgrammeOpen or Close

    These provide an opportunity to dental students and practitioners in India to get international learning experience in collaboration with national and international organisations, associations and dental experts.International CDE programme brings together eminent speakers via its networks from across the globe to speak on specialized dental concerns and issues.

  • IDA FDI CDEOpen or Close

    Held across major Indian cities annually, IDA-FDI CDE is a collaborative continuing dental education programme that provides participants with practical knowledge on wide range of dentistry related topics. The programme spans for a day or two with FDI-selected international speakers contributing and sharing the same podium with their Indian counterparts. The programme involves Lectures and presentation by international and Indian speakers.

Educational Training Centre

Educational Training Centre offers an array of Hands-on Courses / Continuous Dental Education Programmes that focus on essential skills and principles that help dental professionals and students to continue their journey of providing better oral health care to their patients.

  • Aesthetic DentistryOpen or Close

    Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving a person’s overall appearance and self-confidence through treatment aimed at improving dental health, aesthetic and function. It is the requirement of new age dentistry. Dental practitioners need the very latest information and practical technique to meet patient needs. This comprehensive course is for dentists wishing to launch new practices or transform existing practice into a comprehensive, top tier treatment center.

  • General DentistryOpen or Close

    To keep up with the dental knowledge it is necessary to understand the status of your patients, also to decide which issues are important to the dental care and which issues should alert you to the possibility of a medical emergency occurring. Therefore, these courses assist you in your clinical practice.

  • ImplantologyOpen or Close

    This programme has great exposure and aims at helping participants incorporate some of the best features of the modules in the field of dental implants available today.

  • ProsthodonticsOpen or Close

    The success of a pleasing prosthesis lies entirely on the crown preparation and the knowledge of material science behind it. It demands a great deal of precision, sound knowledge and readiness to offer the best Prosthodontic treatment to a patient. In this effect, this hands-on course offers a scientific approach for successful and predictable outcomes with Crown and Bridge. The course consists of extensive 2 day training in Crown preparations starting from diagnosis & treatment planning to the final insertion of the prosthesis.


Certification courses are perfect if you are looking to formalize your skills gained in the workplace or build upon your qualifications gained through university education. They can be the key to unlocking job prospects, promotions or new career ventures – and they will do wonders for your creativity! Certification courses are a great way to fill the gaps in your knowledge and give you a competitive edge when it comes to job promotions.


The workshops comprise of continuing dental education programmes that focus on subjects that help dental professionals and students to evolve their interests and expertise in various fields of dentistry and other trending topics ,thereby aiding them to better serve their patients. Each programme is designed with a hands-on practical aspect along with a through and updated knowledge base.

Online Education

Connect online anytime from anywhere, to learn and apply best practices through interactive media using videos, case studies and more to expand the breadth of knowledge.

  • CE OnlineOpen or Close

    A premier dental distance learning resource dedicated to help dental professionals achieve higher level of clinical knowledge and expertise. These programmes are unique by providing cutting-edge education in various formats like pre-recorded videos, images and researched articles to help dental professionals render quality services.

  • CE Clinical DentistryOpen or Close

    This Programme includes selected articles from IDA’s Clinical Dentistry journal for continuing education. These articles are followed by a tutorial/questionnaire. Dental professionals can take up tutorials/questionnaire that will help them to upgrade and enhance their dental knowledge. They can earn certifications and credit points based on their scores in these tutorials.

  • CE JIDAOpen or Close

    This Pogramme includes research-oriented articles from IDA’s JIDA journal for continuing education. These articles are complemented by a tutorial/questionnaire. Dental professionals can take up the tutorial/questionnaire that will help them to upgrade and enhance their dental knowledge. They can earn certifications and credit points based on their scores in these tutorials.

  • CE Video OnlineOpen or Close

    This Programme offers distance learning with pre-recorded videos of seminars, lectures, presentations and clinical demonstrations. These videos cover wide range of topics covering dental courses. Study material and collaterals are provided on the site for the convenience of the dental professionals. They can also opt for online evaluations and exams to earn certifications and credit points.

  • CE Case of The MonthOpen or Close

    IDA has established this programme to highlight different cases that show greater than normal clinical interest, have unusual symptoms and / or diagnostic findings, or involve rare diseases or conditions. Cases submitted by the professionals from across the country, which present various aspects applied in diagnosis, treatment planning, procedures applied and results, which can give deep insight into the respective cases.

Fellowship Programmes

These Programmes emphasize on enhancing and updating skills and knowledge of dental professionals, to be a competent dentist.With the goal of providing dental professionals a different learning experience, Fellowship Programmes offer a roadmap for those who want to consider entering an academic career.

  • Clinical ResearchOpen or Close

    To be a competent dentist today one must learn from the work of our predecessors, but to maintain lead in the field tomorrow, one must innovate and improve on every aspect of practice, so that the techniques of tomorrow are better than those of today. This is what clinical research achieves, ensuring that tomorrow we have better drugs, materials and techniques than what we have today. Clinical research serves yet another important function; it opens up a new vista of opportunity, a new career for dental specialists in the world of research. All over the world research is flourishing and expanding the boundaries of knowledge, through the course in clinical research we quip our dentists with the power to push the boundaries further.

  • Forensic OdontologyOpen or Close

    Forensic Odontology has become an integral part of forensic medicine over the past 100 years and plays an important role in criminal, monetary, marital and social disputes, and the identification of missing individuals. Dental professionals have not completely understood the role that can be played by them in this stream. Therefore, this programme is an attempt to bridge that gap and open up an exciting role for dentists to play in legal matters. A complete know-how on every aspect of the profession along with practical hands-on and real case solving experiences assures a leading edge over peers.

  • Dental Public Health Open or Close

    Fellowship in Dental Public Health deals with providing knowledge and skills in population-based dentistry, oral health surveillance, policy development, community-based disease prevention and health promotion, and the maintenance of the dental safety net. The purpose is to inform and educate the key players of the dental profession of their potential role in improving public oral health ,by assessing the status of differing communities, designing, implementing and coordinating activities and programmes, and evaluating the outcomes. The aim of the course is to achieve optimum oral health through organized community efforts for the population across the country.

  • Dental GeneticsOpen or Close

    The contribution of hereditary factors to caries, periodontal disease, oral cancer, and other common oral disorders is becoming increasingly evident in dentistry, as are the implications of systematic genetic diseases on oral health care. Dentists need to be prepared to discuss genetic factors as well as genetic tests for susceptibility to common oral health concerns and structural oral-facial anomalies and the impact of genetic disorders on oral health care. An improved understanding of genetic susceptibility, lifestyle, and oral health risk factors allows a family’s dentist to offer effective preventive and treatment strategies for oral diseases. It has become increasingly important for dental practitioners to study and understand human genetics and to carefully select and apply the genetic information for diagnosis and treatment of their patients.

Knowledge Centre

IDA has introduced webinars as a collaborative teaching and learning tool. This technology, coupled with video podcasts, offers learners a model of education delivered entirely over the internet with both synchronous and asynchronous elements.

  • WebinarOpen or Close

    To deliver dynamic and interactive continuing education to dental professionals, IDA has teamed up with the leading educators, academicians and distinguished speakers to provide opportunity learning through webinars to update members about education, science, research and technology from the comfort of your own clinic\home.

Student Educational Programmes

IDA organizes various educational Programmes tailor-made for students; where Students get knowledge from the experts on various arenas of dentistry. Guidance on selecting career options after graduation and post-graduation is provided, vest the basic knowledge in dentistry while gaining new information and get exposed to various clinical procedures and update themselves on newer techniques.

  • Career GuidanceOpen or Close

    These programmes are conducted across India throughout the year.,so as to strengthen the basic foundation of the budding dentists by providing them with guidance from well-qualified and experienced professionals.

About IDA

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) has always strived to update its members on the latest advances in dentistry through educational programmes. A need for extensive and in-depth knowledge and expertise in subjects so as to provide a larger professional scope for our members prompted us to launch our Educational Programmes. These would ensure not only an added prestige and honor but also newer avenues of income for dental professionals.